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Scientist & Girl Series

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Robin Nemesszeghy

Robin Nemesszeghy writes magical realism and science fantasy books filled with loads of action and adventure. She enjoys weaving elements of the fantastical into realistic settings and exploring the minds of her characters. Living a stone’s throw away from a quiet wooded cemetery and park, when she’s not writing, you can often find her wandering the area and dreaming up her next big adventure.

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Scientist & Girl Series

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"Since first becoming familiar with this young writer through her shorter, consistently thought-provoking publishings on, and then her initial novel, "The Boathouse," I have been looking forward to the beginning of her new series to see how her skills would translate. Simply put - stunningly so! There’s an exceptional - and highly unique - combination of fast-paced narrative, with well-drawn characters (as other reviewers have also mentioned). And she combines her appealing story-telling with an eye for small, meaningful details, making for a quick and yet appropriately tense and substantial read. It's well worth your time!"

James Comfort


"I really like how the author goes about including fantastical creatures in an otherwise ordinary world. It makes it quite fun to think about how it would be if it were happening for real in our own world today...imagining all the secrets and folklore and people that may be involved and everything like that. The format of the stories are great and are executed well."

Ryan Gibbs


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