Scientist & Girl Series: Bad Blood

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Not all diseases are known to the public eye, and perhaps are better left that way. Some substances have disastrous consequences when mixed in with human blood and can cause bizarre infections that bring humans closer to their animalistic side. One man’s quest to cure pulls teenage foster child Gabi-Lynne into a series of close encounters with beasts that supposedly only exist in fantasy. Gabi-Lynne’s life is shaken up one night when she returns home from school late in the evening to find a mysterious man in her house. The occurrence leads her to cross paths with a cryptozoologist and strange disease expert who calls himself Doctor Jones. Their encounter leaves her starving for the truth while also fearing what that might be. She soon learns there are secrets the doctor has been keeping about her past, and she is determined to find out what they are. But is there a cost to knowing about the past? Will Gabi be able to accept the truth of the strange events around her? And will she and the doctor succeed in their quest or be torn to shreds by the surrounding beasts?

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