Scientist & Girl Series: Benny's Story

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No-one believes what 5-year-old Bennett Asherton spotted among the dense brush in the lowly rural town of Lindlow. Fourteen years later, he is determined to bring to light old memories, devoting his young life to prove what he saw that night was not just a tale brought about from his vivid imagination. But perhaps some memories are better left in the past. 19-year old Benny is an ordinary kid with an ordinary life and ordinary hobbies, like collecting any and all images of canids he can find and dragging his best friend out on full moons. So, when a strange shop selling lupine collectibles shows up in the small town of Lindlow, NY, Benny’s interest is piqued. He can’t resist the opportunity to add to his collection. But what he finds in that shop unearths a horrible truth that may have been better left untouched. Will Benny be able to let the past fade to fiction? Or will it come alive in the form of his worst fear?

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